dave calder

an acceptable sacrifice
a ritual involving response ability
a matter of education & appearances
kong the comforter
three scenes of conflict
a mad scientist
a brief ideological discourse
a running dog, barking
the media is the menace
the death of kong


not quite awake
a few ..
now that ..
janes aeroplane
next door
out of ..
mental judo
the letter
back came ..
days pass ..
i dipped ..
AL 1876
so good ..
music like ..
3 am & ..
grey daylight ..
a waking dream

KONG first published by Streetword 1972,
for jane first published by Streetword 1973,
KONG performed as a mixed media event with Paul Brown (lightshow & film) and Mike Trim (sound and music) first at the Bluecoat and Great Georges Project, Liverpool and as scored versions for voice and synthesiser at Theatre Royal Bath and Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.
This edition first published as
me, jane & KONG by Raven Books 1974, ISBN 0 85977 013 3     illustrated by Mary Bogan
All poems Dave Calder 1973, 2005